Reminder: OSGeo Board Nominations are Open until November 14th

Dear OSGeo Oceania Member,

The OSGeo Oceania board elections are coming up, and we need community members to step up to serve on the board of directors.

To maintain a healthy and dynamic community-driven organisation, it’s critical to continually bring in new energy and ideas. You don’t need previous board experience to bring value. If you’re interested in open geospatial, and you want to contribute to a thriving community in Oceania, consider this an opportunity to make a big difference.

Elections are open to all OSGeo Oceania Members.

Details of the election process and timing are on the OSGeo Oceania wiki: You can find information about past elections on the OSGeo Oceania wiki and more information about our electoral process here.

Upcoming dates: 

Open director nominations:  31 October 2021
Close director nominations: 14 November 2021
Voting Opens: 21 November 2021
Voting Closes: 28 November 2021All election related closing times are at 23:59:59 Western Australia Standard Time

Please be aware that being a Director on our Board is a formal role, and has a number of responsibilities attached. Also, since we have no employees, Directors are active in an operational sense, and not just in a strategy. Have a read of this AICD document on Board Director responsibilities and of our Terms of Reference and please get in touch with a current Board member if you have any questions, these can be found on the OSGeo Oceania wiki.

How to Nominate

Any OSGeo Oceania member can nominate themselves or someone else to sit on the Board. To nominate someone you will need to send an email with the candidate’s name, their usual place of residence (town/city/country), and a brief statement on why the person would make a good director. Nominations can be sent between 31 October and 14 November to

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