Sponsorship has been an integral part of FOSS4G SotM Oceania since we began. It helps to make the conference more affordable for attendees, secures the financial stability of the conference, and generates funds that support open source geospatial in Oceania.

We’re also happy to say that the conference returns a strong return on investment for sponsors, with many of our sponsors coming back year after year. By doing so they gain exposure to geospatial professionals, students, software developers, community leaders, and end users of geospatial tools.

How can I sponsor?

Start by taking a look at our sponsorship prospectus to determine a sponsorship amount that’s right for your organisation. You can see the various options available below, with more detail provided in the prospectus.

You can choose between regional sponsorship or direct support of the local hubs listed here. Sponsors supporting local hubs to an amount > $500 AUD will be recognised as Bronze regional sponsors.

Sponsorship options.

Have more questions?

Email us via sponsorship@foss4g-oceania.org.