OSGeo Oceania members are a very important part of the community. Being an official member gives you the right to vote in OSGeo Oceania elections and also to run for the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for funds derived from the conference series and other sponsorship, and is expected to operate in an open and transparent way as laid out by the constitution. The community needs active and engaged members to keep this democratic system going by voting and running in elections for the Board of Directors.

Twenty geospatial woman on an internal staircase
The ‘Geochicas’ at the Wellington FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference in 2019. Photo: Winyama

Members should contribute to the open geospatial community in Oceania in some meaningful way. Contributions can be small and infrequent. For example, contributing positively to email discussions is considered valuable and meaningful. There are many other ways as well. If someone is actively participating on a volunteer basis, they almost certainly have the best interests of OSGeo Oceania at hand (though contributions made as part of work duties are still considered relevant).
To be eligible as a member, one should:
● act in accordance with the general goals of OSGeo Oceania, ie. to foster the growth of the open geospatial community in the Oceania region
● make positive contributions to OSGeo Oceania activities; this might be as simple as participating in email list discussions, or contributing to software, education, OpenStreetMap, committees, events, or volunteering in some other way
● work constructively and positively with others, in line with the OSGeo Code of Conduct

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