Good Mojo


The Good Mojo Fund was originally conceived to support diversity, inclusion, and sustainability initiatives for FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018. From the 2018 conference website:

We’re inviting contributions from sponsors and attendees towards a Good Mojo fund, to help pay for initiatives that will enrich the conference by enabling attendees who otherwise couldn’t attend, supporting the people who have made major contributions, and generally enhancing the event’s diversity and sustainability.

Money was raised through contributions from grants, attendees, sponsors, and volunteers, and used to support a regional Travel Grant Program enabling 7 people to attend the 2018 conference, and a Women in Geospatial breakfast was held as well. The generosity of contributions exceeded expectations, and after the event, about AUD $8700 of “Good Mojo” money remained. Respecting the nature of the contributions, the conference committee decided to retain these funds for similar purposes in 2019.

At FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2019, the fund was deployed at a larger scale, supporting an expanded Travel Grant Program similar to the OSGeo TGP enabling 13 people to attend, and a Women in Spatial breakfast. Again, contributions were generous; there was money left over, the concept of a rolling fund reaffirmed.

The Good Mojo Fund is held by OSGeo Oceania as a special pool of money, distinct from operating funds, and earmarked for spending on initiatives that achieve the purpose of the fund.

If you our your organisation would like to support our community through the Good Mojo fund please get in touch with us at