Travel Grant Program

The Pacific Geospatial Conference has a Travel Grant Program modelled on the OSGeo Travel Grant Program and the HOT unSummit Scholarship Grant.

Travel Grant applications have closed.

2022 Travel Grantees

  • Adi Litia Vatea Cokanavula – Fiji
  • Gandercillar Wainiqolo Vosaki – Cook Islands
  • Herro Losea – Papua New Guinea
  • Ioane Lemo – Samoa
  • Jacqueline Katalaine Singh – Fiji
  • Kamsin Raju – New Zealand
  • Leicester Cook – Samoa
  • Molina Kwato’o – Solomon Islands
  • Dr. Olikoni Tanaki – Tuvalu
  • Pascalina Awelana Abadum – Australia
  • Robert David Karoro – Kiribati
  • Samasoni Tetapo Finikaso – Fiji
  • Seini Adivituvitu Draubuka – Fiji
  • Telefina Simone Potifara – Samoa
  • Temoaa Atanimakin – Kiribati
  • Tooa Brown – Samoa
  • Violaine Doutreleau – French Polynesia

About the TGP

The Travel Grant Program is aimed at increasing the diversity, impact, and reach of the conference. We are looking for worthy recipients who are committed to make an impact with the opportunity provided, and we want to stretch our limited budget as widely as possible.

Our goals include:

  • Bringing the power of Open Geospatial to a wide audience
  • Helping individuals become engaged in the development of Open Geospatial Software, Data and Standards
  • Reaching, empowering and giving a voice to a diverse community, including those who might not have the financial or social means to attend the conference

Selection Process

The Selection Criteria used to assess applications were:

  • Minority Group – 1 point
  • Student – 1 point
  • Conference Presenter – 1 point
  • First Conference – 1 point
  • Motivation Statement – 1 to 3 points

Applications were de-identified and assessed by the Travel Grant Program committee.