Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are teams of volunteers supported by OSGeo Oceania (OO) to focus on specific geospatial topics.

A SIG allows OO members to interact, share knowledge, organise events, and collaborate on a selected, targeted topic within the scope of OSGeo Oceania, but likely with a narrow audience.

OpenStreetMap SIG

The OpenStreetMap SIG was established in 2021 to support OpenStreetMap in Oceania. You can view the charter here.

For up-to-date information on the OSM SIG, please refer to the wiki page.


QGIS Oceania is a “Special Interest Group” of OSGeo Oceania. Its purpose is to provide support to the QGIS network in Oceania promoting the use of QGIS, advocating for professional development, and combining resources (time and monetary) to meet targets identified by the community. The SIG is not intended to replace the roles and responsibilities of local QGIS User Groups, but to support them in their endeavours.

The QGIS SIG charter is here.

Join the discussions via slack

Steering committee : Andrew Jeffrey, Emma Hain, John Bryant, Nathan Woodrow, Nyall Dawson

https://maptimeoceania.slack.com #qgis-oceania